Bring winter fun inside by repurposing chopsticks and baby socks to create snowmen!

What You Need:

  • Two foam balls per student, one large, one small
  • Chopsticks, one per student
  • Black pipe cleaner, cut into two 1/2-inch pieces per student and three 1-inch pieces per student
  • Orange pipe cleaner cut into one 1/2-inch piece per student
  • Three buttons per student
  • Two small twigs per student
  • Baby socks, one per student
  • Fabric cut into small strips

What You Do:

  1. To create the snowman’s body, have your students slide the larger foam ball onto the chopstick, then the smaller one. Suggest they don't let the chopstick go all the way through the smaller one.
  2. Insert the two 1/2-inch black pipe cleaners into the smaller ball, to make eyes on the snowman’s head.
  3. For a nose, students can insert the 1/2-inch orange pipe cleaner below the eyes.
  4. Students will attach three buttons to the larger ball by threading the 1-inch black pipe cleaner segments through the button holes, then pushing the ends into the foam ball that makes the snowman’s body.
  5. Your students can attach the two twigs to the sides of the body to create arms.
  6. A baby sock attached to the top of the head becomes a hat.
  7. For the scarf, the students can wrap a small strip of fabric around the snowman’s neck and tie it in a knot.