What You Need:

  • Newspaper, 2 to 3 sheets per student
  • White copy paper, 8 ½- by 11-inches or bigger, one sheet per student
  • Black markers, one per student
  • Foil, one piece per student, cut slightly larger than the white paper
  • Apple patterns, one per table or group
  • Ball stylus embossing tool, one per table or group
  • Red, green, and brown markers for each table or group

What You Do:

  1. Give each student a few sheets of newspaper to cover the work area.
  2. Distribute to each student a sheet of white paper, black marker, and a piece of foil.
  3. Each table or group will share a ball stylus embossing tool, an apple pattern, and colored markers.
  4. Direct the students to draw a basket on the white paper, using the black marker.
  5. Using the apple pattern, students also should trace apples in the basket on the white paper.
  6. Have the students put their foil down on top of the newspaper (which acts as padding underneath).
  7. The white paper drawings go on top of the foil.
  8. Holding paper firmly in place, students trace the picture on the white paper using the ball embossing tool.
  9. When the white paper is removed, the basket and apple shapes will be embossed on the foil. Have the students use markers to color the apples and basket on the foil. See how they shimmer!