Your science center is a place to bring the outside in and develop higher-order thinking skills used in the scientific process. Have lots of open-ended materials available for children to explore when they need it. Keep everything accessible and organized so children know where to find the magnifiers when they find a bug to observe or where to get the pan balance when they want to compare things. This center can grow and change with the additions children find and bring from home.

Here are some science study tools to include in your center:

  • A discovery or "Feely" box for exploring surprises with a few senses at a time
  • Magnifying glasses, plastic mirrors, and prisms
  • Binoculars, taleidoscopes, and kaleidoscopes
  • Flashlights, colored cellophane
  • Barometer, thermometers
  • Magnets
  • Wheels, gears, pulleys, ramps
  • Balance scale
  • Light table and materials
  • Twigs, leaves, nuts, seeds, eggshells, feathers, shells
  • Stones, minerals, fossils
  • Empty bird and insect nests living plants