Help develop your child's language skills by making a greeting card and writing a poem together.

Ready-To-Use Teaching Ideas

What You Need:

  • construction paper
  • marker
  • crayons
  • collage materials and glue (optional)
  • 9" x 12" envelope

What You Do Together:

1. Explain to your child that she can make a card to send to a friend or family member. Help your child decide whom she would like to make the card for.

2. Fold a sheet of construction paper in half. Then work together to write a short poem. Write down what your child would like to say on a separate sheet of paper. Then edit the poem together, making any changes your child wants. She might like to break the lines in interesting ways or change the last word of each line so that they all rhyme.

3. Invite your child to decorate the cover of the card. She can draw a picture; make a portrait of the person the card is for; or create a collage with scraps of paper, spare buttons, pictures from old magazines, and other interesting materials.

4. Help your child copy the poem you wrote together on the inside of the card. Then your child can sign her name under the poem. On the back of the card, write that the card was specialty designed and made by you and your child.

5. On a 9"x12" envelope draw a square large enough for the address. Then invite your child to decorate the envelope, leaving the square blank. When she's done, write the address and help your child add a stamp. Now you're ready to send your greetings!

This activity originally appeared in the February, 1998 issue of Early Childhood Today.