NaTasha needs a change in her life. After messing up her ballet performance and accidentally hurting another girl in her class, NaTasha is happy to be leaving suburban New Jersey to spend the summer with her grandmother, Tilly, in the urban environment of Harlem.

While NaTasha is dreaming about the cute boys she meets in Harlem, Tilly volunteers her to work at Amber's Place, a safe house for girls in the Bronx. NaTasha is hesitant about working at the safe house and for good reason. The girls who go to the safe house have issues. Not the same issues as NaTasha and her friends have at home, but real issues like physical abuse, pregnancy, neglectful parents and problems with drugs and alcohol.

After spending a few days there, NaTasha realizes how much she has in common with the girls at Amber's Place. Sure, she still has to deal with bullies who call her a “sellout” and girls who hate her, but she also begins to make new friends who accept her for who she is.

NaTasha's summer of self-discovery in Harlem might just be her best summer yet.