It’s 1849, and gold fever has hit the United States. Susanna and her family are caught in the midst of thousands of miners looking for their fortune. Will they be able to survive safely?

Soon we were in the camp called Miner’s Creek. Papa had to keep a close eye on us, for we were the only women in camp. One of our neighbors, Captain Clinkingbeard, showed Papa how to pan for gold. The Captain was a most unusual man; his long white beard woven with all kinds of bells and beads, and he told the most wonderful stories!

But now I am afraid that all our dreams of Oregon may never come true. I know Papa misses doctoring, but he refuses to give up on mining. And when I look at the gold dust that accumulates so slowly, I wonder what will happen to us. Will be ever be as happy as we were before this long and tragic journey began?