Here is a list of suggested items to have on hand for spontaneous and satisfying science explorations:

> sturdy magnifying glasses

> scales-balance, kitchen, or hanging scales

> magnets

> plastic containers with lids of assorted sizes, for collecting and categorizing

> assorted sieves, sifters, and funnels

> rulers and yardsticks

> timers-old clocks, stopwatches, kitchen timers, an hourglass

> thermometers, measuring spoons and cups

> tweezers

> insect cages

> insect nets

> hand tools, trowels

> boxes, tubs, or trays for planting seeds, seedlings

> prisms

> sunglasses with variously colored lenses

> color paddles-transparent color paper, gels

> pinwheels

> a wind sock

> pulleys and wheels

> nuts and bolts

> gears and geared devices

> locks and keys

> stethoscopes

> a camera (digital or film) to capture children's discovery moments