Sassy video booktalk

Magical things happen when Sassy Sanford opens her sparkly, purple, patchwork Sassy Sack!

I like my name!  How could anyone not like having a name like Sassy Simone Sanford? The problem is, no one in my family ever uses it! To them, I’m just Little Sister. I’m nine and a half, I’m the youngest of three kids, I’m the shortest person in the fourth grade, and I don’t weigh very much, cause I’m skinny as well. Sometimes I feel like I’m so small, my family doesn’t even see me.

At least I get to carry the purse my grammy made me — my Sassy Sack. I keep a million things in it — maybe two million. It’s purple and silver and magenta, and has pockets on the outside that zip and button, and lots of hidden pockets inside. Grammy put all kinds of sparkling things on it, and when the sun hits it, it just glitters. It has a long shoulder strap, and I carry it everywhere. It’s sassy, just like me.

This morning, my English teacher gave us a writing assignment. We have to figure out who we are and write about it. The way we look inside, what makes us scared or unahppy, or sad or angry. I decide that I’ll write about how tough is is to be the smallest all the time. When I tell Miss Armstrong what I’m going to write about, she tells me, "You won’t always be the smallest, and besides, sometimes being small can be a good thing."

Grownups always say that, but I know it's not true.  How could being little ever be better than being big? But at least I have my Sassy Sack — when I'm wearing it, I may not be big, but I know I'm a Classy Sassy!


The booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, librarian, consultant, and internationally known booktalking expert.