Before you go surfing, remember these rules for enjoying the Net:
  1. Keep facts about yourself to yourself. Don't give out your name, address, or phone number.

  2. Check out new sites with an adult.

  3. If you see bad words on the Net, leave the site.

  4. Guard your password. Don't tell it to anyone.

  5. Don't buy or order anything without an okay from an adult.

  6. Don't talk or write to strangers. It's good for a parent or teacher to be with you when you meet someone new on the Internet.

  7. Write down places you go. Look over your notebook with an adult.

Source: Let's Go Surfing: An Internet Adventure, by John DiConsiglio, with a guide to the Internet by Francie Alexander and Nancy Hechinger, Scholastic, Inc., 1999.