What will Santa do when Rudolph goes on strike? Not just any creature can fly through the night, guiding Santa’s sleigh all over the world—but then Rover isn’t just any ordinary creature!

Santa was very glad to see all of them, but he was still worried about being able to do everything in one night, because they were getting such a late start. And that’s when Rover proved why he was such a good substitute for Rudolph. He had an idea to help Santa deal with all the chimneys, the bedrooms, the apartment houses, and the rest of the really tricky stuff.

What do flying dogs, Santa Claus, lizards, and four very warmly dressed children have in common? Read Rover Saves Christmas, and find out. Read carefully, and you’ll also find out what poo is called in Finland, just in case you’re ever in Helsinki and need to tell someone what they’re about to step in.