If you’re a fan of the Bone saga, you already know about the adventures of the three Bone cousins, Fone Bone, Phony Bone, and Smiley Bone, and their friends, Thorn and Gran’ma Ben.

But do you know how that saga began, or about the courageous princess who wielded her sword with passion and skill, to save her land and her people?

Long, long ago, there lived two royal princesses, Rose, who had powerful dreams that foretold the future, and Briar, her older sister, whose dreaming eye was blind.  Everyone knew that Rose would grow up to lead their nation, even though the throne should have gone to Briar, as the elder.

The time came when the princesses had to travel to the Headmaster’s cave for the final test of their powers. The Headmaster reminded the princesses of the great enemy, the Lord of the Locusts, who was trapped inside the body of the Queen of the Dragons when she was turned into stone. He wanted his freedom, and knew that the one who could give it to him, the Emancipator, walked among the humans ruled by Rose and Briar’s parents. The two girls must be very careful, because the Lord was very powerful, and very clever. 

That night, Rose had a dream in which as helped a tiny little water dragon, and saw her parents covered in locusts. The next morning, instead of trying to figure out her dream, or telling the Headmaster about it, she went for a ride. She had no idea that in not sharing her dream, she might have brought fate and the Lord of the Locusts down on her people and her land.