Mika knew his twin sister was alive, and he was determined to find her, no matter what!

Everyone on Earth lived inside the Wall. Fifty feet of concrete, topped with three rows of electrified razor wire, it made a loop around the top one-third of the planet, and Earth’s entire population was jammed inside. It had been built during the Animal Plague, when every animal on Earth went insane and started attacking and killing humans, even smashing windows and tearing doors off cars to get at the people inside. The Wall kept the animals out.  ut with only one-third of the space they used to have, humans were packed in on top of each other, living in tiny fifteen-foot-square fold-up apartments. Babies were forbidden for 30 years, and twins Mika and Ellie were part of the first generation born inside the Wall. 

They never got along, always fighting over something. But they were connected at a level far deeper than who got to sleep in the top bunk. That’s why Mika was so angry and upset when Ellie disappeared, and the police told them she’d fallen off a walkway and drowned. He knew she was alive—his connection with her was stretched so tightly that it almost hurt. She was far away, but alive. And no one was looking for her!

Ellie was determined to get away from Mal Gorman. He’d kidnapped her a year ago, and had been training her to be a warrior ever since. She was smart, and learned quickly. And what she’d learned made it possible for her to escape. 

When he found out she was gone, Gorman went after her with everything he had. She knew the Secret, and she was a ticking time bomb that could blow up in his face and ruin all his plans, perhaps even reveal the secret of what was really behind the wall.

This booktalk was written by Dr. Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, writer, consultant, and internationally known booktalker.