The Grey Griffins are back! But so are Morgan La Fey, Ray the blue monster bully, faeries, pixies, Spriggens, leprechauns and the deadliest pack of werewolves ever. There's no doubt that the Griffins are in for another wild ride. And every time they think it just can't get any worse, it does.

The four friends each have special roles as team members. Max is the Guardian of the Codex for the Knights Templar and the leader of the Griffins.  Harley is the Warden, who plans their battle strategy and enforces the law.  Natalie is their Marshall, and Ernie, who is getting braver every day, is the Steward. Round Table is still their favorite game, and now two new cards have been added to the deck — the werewolf and the frost dragon, both formidable enemies.

At Castle Sumner, the servants seem cold and threatening. Max's father greets them warmly and briefly, but immediately goes back to a business meeting, leaving the Griffins to explore on their own. And the next morning, Lord Sumner takes Max aside and tells him that there's been a terrorist attack on one of their offices in Rome, and he has to leave to take care of it. He tells Max that he should be back for Christmas, but that if he isn't, Max should prepare for the worst, and get ready to take over the reins of the family business. He assures Max that he loves him and believes in him, and then he's gone. Max is left to wonder what really happened in Rome, and what he'll do if his father doesn't come back. 

But he has more immediate problems to deal with — why is there a portrait of Mordred hanging in a secret room in the castle? Who is the Black Witch, and why is she gathering an army? What dangers lurk in the forest behind the castle, and what is the meaning of the cemetery that they find there? If they can't solve the mysteries and put the pieces together, figure out who their enemies are and how to fight them, the Griffins won't live to see another Christmas morning.