Our October Author of the Month , Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series and The 39 Clues joined Scholastic to answer some student questions.

Rick Riordan Author of the Month

Question from Apollo 127: Thalia is one of my favorite characters, and I was really sad not to see her in Battle of the Labyrinth. Will she be back in the next book?
Yes, you will see Thalia again in The Last Olympian.

From Luv2write666:In the 39 Clues, what branch are you and who's your favorite character?
I took the test and ended up a Janus! It's hard to pick a favorite character but I think Dan is a lot like I was as a kid.

Can you please please please write more than 5 [Percy Jackson] books? Think of all the broken-hearted fans! *puppy-dog face*
I get this question a lot, and I appreciate it! But I believe it’s important for a series to have a good strong ending. If I tried to keep Percy going longer, it just wouldn’t be as exciting.  Besides, I’ve finished writing the ending, and I’m not going to change it now! The main story that started in The Lightning Thief will be wrapped up in book five, but don’t get too sad. I’m planning another Camp Half-Blood series in a couple of years, and you may see some of your favorite characters again in those books. It’s way too early to tell you anything more about the next Camp Half-Blood series. As soon as I’m ready to share more, I’ll post information on my website: rickriordan.com.


From Mallus Mewer: What college classes and things in school do you have to take to become a writer?
Just read a lot and practice writing as often as possible. Those are the only requirements for becoming a writer. Some universities offer creative writing programs, but they are not necessary to get published.

From Lioness Keladry: Which character most resembles you?Grover! I would be hiding behind the bushes while other characters fight the monsters.

Who is favorite god/goddess?
Poseidon and Athena -- no surprise there!

From Dustfinger: What inspired you to become a writer?
My eighth grade English teacher! She encouraged me to submit my first story.

From MissPie977:What drew you to write 39 Clues?
Scholastic came to me with the basic idea and I thought it sounded cool. I like history, puzzles, and games, so the 39 Clues seemed like a perfect thing to write.

What is the best part of being an author?
Hearing back from readers who have enjoyed the books!

Thanks, Rick, for being the October Author of the Month and answering some of our questions!

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