There are many ways to invigorate yourself and others! Try these suggestions or use one of them to spark an idea for something totally new and different.

  • Salute staff and their many efforts for children with morning coffee, juice, and pastries in the hallway or in a classroom.
  • Place a sign on each classroom door complimenting the teacher. 
  • Place a balloon bouquet or flowers in the lounge or in each teacher's room.
  • Create a special week or day to say thank you to community members who have made teachers' jobs a little easier by volunteering, donating equipment, or otherwise helping your program work.
  • Give "Class Act" buttons to all to wear for a week (or make up you own slogan).
  • Ask community partners to run congratulatory messages on electronic signs outside banks or other businesses, or on billboards, banners, or storefront signs.
  •  Invite a local newspaper reporter, editorial writer, or local TV news personality to spend a day as a guest teacher or classroom observer, and then to publish or air his observations on what being a teacher is like today.
  • Suggest that local media outlets either publish or broadcast quick interviews in which local citizens-both well known and not-answer one question: What teacher had the greatest influence on your life? This can also make a great topic for a call-in radio show during Teacher Day or Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Ask parents to come into the classroom to read to the children for an hour. Give the teacher an unexpected break!