Every word you publish should hold up to the highest level of interrogation. Make sure your reporting is airtight before publishing it in a newspaper or periodical. Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind before submitting an article to an editor.

1. Have you fact checked every detail in the article?

2. Have you pursued the objective truth to the best of your ability?

3. Have you backed up your story with multiple sources?

4. Is your article going to result in legal action? If so, will it stand up in a court of law?

5. As an exercise, read your article again and disbelieve everything in it. Did you discover weak logic or unsupported statements?

6. Read your article again and pretend you have a short attention span. Where do you stop reading and why?

7. If you could pick one goal for your article, what would it be? Will your article achieve this goal? What stands in the way?

8. Will anyone be harmed by your article? If so, are you prepared for the consequences?

9. Go through your article and cut out every nonessential word.

10. Does the title jump off the page and grab your attention?