WHY WE TEACH: Learning, Laughter, Love, and the Power to Transform Lives

Why We Teach is an inspiring array of anecdotes involving actual students in classroom experiences. Linda demonstrates through intimate sharing, the innermost qualities and concerns of teachers who believe in themselves and the children they teach- those whose desire is always to promote the freedom of teachers and children to become their best selves.

Linda Alston is a master teacher of young children from the Denver area, has won numerous awards, including the Milken National Educator Award, the Walt Disney American Teacher Award, and the first $100,000 Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award. Alston has also organized six inner-city Montessori child Development Centers in the U.S. and serves as an educational consultant and motivational speaker.

In her book, Alston offers positive affirmations in each chapter, complete with her own reflections and thought-provoking questions. She describes her own vulnerabilities and willingness to be transparent in her search to find her true calling-teaching. Despite the frustrations and stresses of the job, she values, beyond measure, the precious moments of social, emotional and academic growth that occurs when children are encouraged and supported to be the best little people citizens they can be.

This book is sure to touch the heart of any teacher, looking for ways to incorporate more of the natural joy and playful spontaneity of childhood, creativity, and enthusiasm into the classroom amidst the rigorous curriculum.

Reviewed by Carol Deringer, Reading Specialist, Mars Area School District, Mars, PA.