• Research Pleasers by Susan S. Petreshene (Bowker, 1992). These challenges will send kids running to the library and other research resources.
  • Pyramids to Pueblos: 15 Pop-Up Historic Models by Helen H. Moore and Carmen R. Sorvillo (Scholastic Professional Books, 1995). Hands-on research projects through history.
  • Scholastic Environmental Atlas of the United States by Mark Mattson (Scholastic Reference, 1993). A complete and informative look at geography through an environmental lens; ties in with "Meet a Mentor" in this theme unit.
  • The Cat's Elbow and Other Secret Languages by Alvin Schwartz (Farrar, 1982). Learn how to speak Pig Latin, Iggity, and other coded languages.
  • Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective by Donald J. Sobol (Nelson, 1963). Kids can put their research skills to work to help this young sleuth.

Technology Tips
CD-ROM Encyclopedias:

  • Children's Multimedia Encyclopedia. Includes photos, video clips, and narrated text. For Windows and Macintosh, $69.95. Reed Interactive, (800) 308-6353.
  • Random House Kid's Encyclopedia. Contains 2,000 Arcticles plus all the multimedia bells and whistles. For Windows, $69. Knowledge Adventure, (800) 542-4240.
  • Webster's InteractiveEncyclopedia. Many thousands of short, illustrated and multimedia-enriched Arcticles. For Windows, $59.95. Cambrix Publishing, (818) 992-8484.


  • Kids Explore America's National Parks. A great tool for the all-in-one research project. Learning Matters, Inc., (800) 540-9487.
  • Where in the World: Kids Explore Series. A round-up of geography, culture, and history around the world. Learning Matters, Inc., (800) 540-9487.