Remote Control video booktalk

Agent Six of Hearts was made to kick butt. Literally. Sixteen years ago, the evil corporation ChaoSonic created Six to be their ultimate weapon in the futuristic world that they are set to control. When a member of a vigilante organization known as the Deck rescues him, Six begins working for them as a spy. Six makes a living trying to take down members of ChaoSonic, the very company that created him, and he has always had a 100 per cent Mission Success rate.

But with his next mission, the stakes are much higher. Six's brother Kyntak has been kidnapped by a money-hungry ex-Scientist named Vanish. Six must face accusations of treason, multiple attempts to catch and stop him by his fellow agents, the unexpected help of a mysterious woman, and a whole bunch of explosions! Can Six save his brother before time runs out? Read this book to find out.