Looking for a crafty way to inspire creative writing? In 1956, students used bits of scrap paper to illustrate favorite nursery rhymes. We flipped this to have kids create torn-paper masterpieces—and write original stories to accompany their craft!

Things You’ll Need:

Construction paper
Glue sticks

What to Do:

1 | Tear pieces of construction paper into shapes. Use a variety of colors and shapes to stir up your students’ imaginations!

2 | Glue the paper shapes to a full sheet of construction paper. Encourage students to create an image with their collage.

3 | Add detail to the torn paper creations with markers.

4 | Write a sentence about the image. For older students, you can expand this sentence into a full story!


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Photos: Adam Chinitz; Crafter: Morgan Levine; Craft Research: Pari Deshpande Cohen