Ring in the New Year with an ’80s throwback craft. Kids can create these “bizarre bonnets” with a few simple supplies!



Things You’ll Need:

Paper plates (with ridged edges)
Metallic paint (we suggest gold and silver!)
Glitter scrapbook paper
Sparkly pipe cleaners




What to Do:

1 | Paint both sides of a paper plate with metallic paint.

2 | Once the paint has dried, turn the plate so the bottom is facing up. Trace 3 intersecting lines across the plate, dividing it into 6 equal wedges. Make sure these lines stay on the smooth part of the plate, avoiding the ridged edges.

3 | Cut along each of the lines to make 6 triangles. Fold the triangles up, forming a crown shape in the center of your hat.

4 | Cut out numbers “2018” from glittery scrapbook paper, and glue all four numbers to one sparkly pipe cleaner.

5 | Glue each end of the “2018” pipe cleaner to the ridged edges of the plate. Kids will love how the pipe cleaner arches across the top of the hat!

6 | Wrap additional sparkly pipe cleaners around pencils to create fun spirals. Encourage students to glue the spiraled pipe cleaners around the edges of their hats for extra flair! 



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Photos: Adam Chinitz; Crafter: Morgan Levine; Craft Research: Pari Deshpande Cohen