What You Need

Provide the following supplies for each student:

  • One brown paper lunch sack
  • Two large white paper circles (for eyes)
  • Two small black paper circles (for eyes)
  • Light brown paper, large enough to trace two handprints
  • Dark brown paper, cut into a 1- by 6-inch strip. (Length may vary, depending on the size of the brown paper bag).
  • Red construction paper, cut into a 1-inch circle
  • Four small jingle bells
  • 1-inch red (or black) pom-pom (for nose)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

What You Do

  1. Fold the light brown paper in half and trace the student's hand, or have the student trace his or her own hand.
  2. Cut the handprint (or have the student cut out his or her own handprint) with the paper folded in half so you have two handprints.
  3. Students should glue the handprints to the bottom of the bag. Note that the bottom of the bag will be the top of your puppet. Be sure to glue the handprints on the side of the bag that does NOT have the flap. Apply glue at the palm with the thumbs out and fingers up.
  4. The bag's flap will become the puppet's mouth.
  5. Have children glue eyes on the flap, using the white circles underneath the black circles.
  6. Next, they should glue the pom-pom below the eyes, to form the nose.
  7. The dark brown strip should be glued onto the bag about one inch below the flap to form a collar for the reindeer.
  8. Next, you or the students should glue the four jingle bells to the collar. (You may want to use strong craft glue.)
  9. Write the reindeer's name on the red circle and glue it under the reindeer collar, like a dog tag. The tag can also be connected to the red circle with a scrap of construction paper.