There are many activities you can introduce to help children learn more about one another-and about themselves in the process. Here are a few to try:


THE STORY OF ME! Children can bring in photos, family trip postcards, and other visual reminders to create drawings for personal story albums or journals. These are ongoing collections of stories that children dictate or write and illustrate throughout the year. Finished pages are placed in personal photo albums to make "The Story of Me" books. Be sure to share these periodically at story time.


AUDIOTAPE PERSONAL HISTORIES. With children's permission, you can audiotape them as they tell their personal stories at group time. Make these available for replay in your listening center. Children can also use tape recorders and microphones to "interview" each other!


BLOCK IT OUT. Invite children to bring in photos or draw pictures of their homes. Hang these in the block area for quick reference. Children can build their "homes" and then use plastic/wooden people to describe their favorite family activities for others in the group.


CELEBRATE "UNBIRTHDAYS." Why not start the year with a celebration! Have a beginning-of-the-year "unbirthday" for everyone. Children can help prepare the snack, decorate, sing, and celebrate together.