Fall Bulletin board inspiration.

Mystery pumpkin graph

What you need: The following sizes of construction paper for each student:
one 4"x4" green rectangle, two 6"x6" black squares, one 4"x4" yellow square, one 8"x4" black rectangle, and one 10"x10" orange square

What to do:
Tell students they will be creating a special mystery object.
First, ask them to tear one small green rectangle.

Next, ask them to tear two medium size black triangles and one small yellow circle. Using the remaining black paper, ask them to tear a moon shape.

Lastly, ask children to tear an orange circle. Invite students to arrange their pieces to create pumpkins, with either happy, sad, or mad faces. Kids love to see the mystery pumpkins come to life with the range of sizes and expressions.

Create a pictograph using their creations and display it on your bulletin board.