Asking open-ended questions is at the heart of encouraging children to engage in scientific thinking. And remember, you don't have to limit them to the science center. Here are some questions to ask around the room.

Art Area:

  • How many ways can you use a piece of paper?
  • What will happen if you paint on frozen paper?
  • Can a paper bag fly?
Block Area:
  • What will happen if you add more blocks to one side of your tower?
  • What can you build with blocks and paper tubes?
  • How many ways can you build a bridge?
Dramatic-Play Area:
  • How many ways can you use a scarf?
  • What can we do with a cardboard box?
  • How can you make something to carry the baby doll?
Manipulative Area:
  • How are these objects the same and different?
  • How can you build something that rolls?
  • Can you use these toys to measure the table?
Sand and Water Area:
  • How can you keep sand from leaking out of the sieve?
  • Which container will hold the most water? The least?
  • Can paper float?
Science Area:
  • How many ways can we make bubbles?
  • How can you roll a paper tube without touching it?
  • What will sunlight shine through?