Kathy Bates Talks Teaching

Q | Are you a big reader? Did your teachers encourage you to read as a young student?

A | I’m a voracious reader and have been ever since I first learned to read as a young girl. The teacher who encouraged me most to read was my mother. She read out loud to me every single night.

Q | Is there a particular teacher who had a tremendous influence in your life?

A | Yes, my high school drama teacher, Mr. Crain. He encouraged me to develop my talents as an actress and to expand my reading to include plays. And he was the first adult to treat me like an adult.

Q | You’re a great actress. Have you ever considered teaching your craft?

A |  I have, actually. I have tremendous respect for the craft of teaching, so before I did that I would need to study different styles of teaching acting, and then, borrowing from them, develop my own. But it’s not out of the question.