Jeffrey Brown Talks Comics

Q | What advice would you give kids on storytelling in a comics format?

A | Whenever my son’s storytelling turns fight-focused, I nudge him toward adventure—a story about exploring can be just as exciting and danger-filled. Have them think about what goals they can give their characters, and make their stories about that. Fighting might still end up in the story, but at least it will have some reason behind it.

Q | How old were you when you started drawing comics?

A | I was 5 or 6. At first, I was mostly influenced by Marvel, especially X-Men, but also the storyboards from The Empire Strikes Back. My influences now are too numerous to mention—not just comics but other literature, film, music, fine art.

Q | How would your story have been different if it weren’t a graphic novel?

A | You can work a lot of emotional subtext into comics without having to state it. In prose,
taking the time to describe a facial expression can become pretty obvious. With comics,
it’s there, and the reader takes it in visually without realizing it.


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