A PUSH Fiction book

It was the best acid California could produce, each little yellow tab with a sun on it. Pure Sunshine, fire-magic in the brain, and just what Brendon, Kevin, and Will needed on a Thursday afternoon that should’ve been Friday. The world spun around them that night and they joined the manic flight till the peak passed and they started to come down. They crashed at Kevin’s house, then crawled out of bed and back to school in the same clothes they’d already worn for a day and a night. Telling Ryan and Taylor about the night, it sounded so good they all decided to do it all over again that night, all five of them together this time.

It’s not about the drugs, it’s about who your friends really are and how they show you that friendship. It’s not about the goal, but how you get there, the process of becoming, emerging, changing. It’s not about the acid trip called Pure Sunshine. It’s about actual pure sunshine.