I was eleven when my daddy was killed in a plane crash, and although I’d never talked to anyone about it, I was pretty sure that it had been my fault.

But it had been about a year since Daddy died, and I’d decided that Mama and I had to start getting ourselves together. We’d quit doing things we’d always done – quit going to church, quit looking at our old photo albums, quit calling Daddy’s family, quit talking about him and the funny things he did. It was like our whole lives just stopped. Mama quit cooking, and we ate fast food a lot. I’m tall and skinny, and still growing, so it didn’t make much difference to me, but Mama’s short, and she gained fifty pounds. And while she was doing that, I all but flunked sixth grade. This summer would be our chance to get our lives going again. I was gonna get Mama off junk food, and read the whole encyclopedia and find out what I’d missed outta sixth grade.

Brother Mustard Seed was an ex-con who’d known Daddy years ago, and had a vision of Daddy telling him to take care of Mama and me. I thought it was garbage, but Mama decided to let him live in the basement for a while. That was the end of my summer plans and the beginning of the strangest summer of my life, full of tears and anger and ravens and monsters and concrete lawn sculptures, and finally, a secret told. What happened? Come along with me and see what happens when you PRAY HARD.