Early January is a good time for spotting politicos in New Hampshire.

Three days before the New Hampshire primary on January 8, I was walking to a store on Elm Street in Manchester to buy a pair of cross-country skies with my father. A campaign event for presidential contender John McCain was going on outside the Van Otis Chocolate Factory.

I asked a man what was going on, and he said that
former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge and former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer were announcing their support of McCain for President.

The man I was speaking to was one of McCain’s campaign representatives. He asked me if my dad and I would like to meet the governors. I said I would like to interview them for Scholastic News!

I borrowed a pad of paper and a pen from the man. After the governors were finished speaking, I asked them my questions. I started with: Why are you supporting John McCain?

Ridge said that McCain is the only qualified candidate who is “a straight talker” and has the same answers for the voters whether they are in New Hampshire or Louisiana. He also says what he thinks whether the crowds support him or don't. Both governors agreed that America needs a good leader who will bring about change.

Why visit New Hampshire? I asked.

Because immigration is an issue here in New Hampshire as well as in the rest of the country, they said.

Ridge reminded me that most Americans come from immigrant families, especially in the Manchester community. McCain will “use the rule of law as he knows best to fix immigration,” he said.

“I am old and won’t live as long, but you will,” Ridge said. “I want the children of America to have the opportunity to wake up to a better America, and John [McCain] can make the change for America.”

Both Governors told me that New Hampshire residents are lucky to have the opportunity to meet the candidates and the people who support them right in their own streets.

I think so, too!