To show the delight and fun that words can be, introduce your students to poetry. The poems of Jack Prelutsky and especially Shel Silverstein are both humorous and inventive in their use of language. Poetry collections for young readers will introduce concepts of meter, rhyme, metaphor, and simile, which are important comprehension skills.

Rhymes and Poetry for Preschoolers
Delight your students with the rhythms and sounds in these perfect books for read-alouds.

Poetry for Beginning Readers
Treat your students to stories in verse and poetry collections that make learning to read a delight.
Grades K-2

Poetry for Independent Readers
Discover a world of rhythm, rhyme, and free verse with engaging collections and novels for middle readers.
Grades 3-5

Poetry for Pre-teens
Open your students'minds to a world of language with these poetry collections and free verse novels.
Grades 6-8