How do you go from being almost popular or almost famous to the hottest new girl band in town? Randi and Gellie find out the summer before they start high school.

Randi needs to find something to make her less boring and Gellie needs something to do to keep her from being swallowed whole by her mother's plans. They both play guitar a little and the have voices that sound good together, so starting a band sounds like a good idea. Gellie comes up with their name, Plastic Angel, and they both start writing songs.

It's John, Randi's boss at the music store, who hears them sing and urges them to get a sample tape made. He's willing to shop it around to some local places so they could get some gigs. But will Gellie be able to get her mother to back down, and will Randi be able to ignore her parents'fights so they can both focus on what they really want to do-to sing and play their own music together and make Plastic Angel a reality?