Celebrate Thanksgiving with a modeled drawing lesson that is simple and fun for students. Once the drawings are finished, students can get creative as they color them. Consider displaying the completed, mounted artwork on a bulletin board.


What You Need:

  • White or manila drawing paper
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black markers
  • Optional: construction paper, 12- by 18-inch, any color


What You Do:

  1. You will model steps 2 through 8 in front of the class, with children completing each step along with you.
  2. Begin by drawing a large U for the head in the center of the paper, leaving room at the top of the paper for the pilgrim’s hat.
  3. At the middle of each side of the U, draw a short perpendicular line, which is the start of the hair. Then, on each side of the U, draw up from the short perpendicular lines to the top of the U to outline the hair.
  4. Draw two incomplete rectangles, angled away from each other, from the bottom of the U, to create the collar.
  5. Draw a thin rectangle across the top of the U for the hat brim, then draw a thicker rectangle (almost a square) above it for the top of the hat.
  6. Detail the hat by adding a square buckle in the middle, with a line extending from each side to suggest a ribbon.
  7. Add short vertical lines to each side to detail the hair.
  8. Draw two small Us to create (closed) eyes, one small U to represent the nose, and a larger, wider U for a mouth shape.
  9. Have students color their pilgrims with crayons.

Optional: Have students cut out the pilgrim boy and glue it on a sheet of construction paper. Students may want to outline the pilgrim boy with a black marker.