The Pickle King Video Booktalk

Beatrice Klednik puts Herman's Devil Tongue Relish on everything she eats — including eggs, sandwiches, and sometimes even on ice cream.

There's no denying that she's kind of a weird girl. Besides her love of the green garnish, Bea has another odd trait. Whenever something isn't quite right, the pinkie finger on her left hand tingles.

Bea also lives in a weird town. In Elbow, it rains all summer — the kind of rain the drives a person crazy. Unlike most of the kids who can afford to vacation elsewhere, Bea and her friend Sam are stuck in Elbow over the summer, forced to endure what they thought was going to be a miserable, boring, and extremely rainy couple of weeks. They hope to create a little fun for themselves despite the fact that they're stuck in rain town.

So when Sam told Bea that he had something to show her, she figured it'd likely be something weird, and most definitely a waste of time.

But when Sam led Bea into a damp basement, they didn't see something weird — they saw something, someone...dead. Bea's left pinkie has never twitched and flicked this much before...and things are about to get even weirder.