Think about what our future in space will be like. When will we return to the moon? What kinds of discoveries will be made? Will people one day be able to vacation on Mars?

The more you know about what's going on in the world of space exploration today, the better you'll understand what we can look forward to in the future. Explore our Scholastic News Special Report to learn more about space, the final frontier. In this report, you'll find:

Latest News

In this section, you can find out about teachers training to go to space. You can also read about recent developments in exploration, from the President's plans to the future of the Hubble Telescope.


Space exploration wouldn't be possible without cutting-edge technology. Find out about the science that goes into understanding Mars. You can also check out several space simulations, programs that let kids get a taste of space.

The Red Planet

Mars is in the spotlight, as scientists have focused their attention on our galactic neighbor. Check out what mice have to do with Mars.

All About Space

Want more information about space? Look no further. Here, you'll find facts about Mars, the moon, space exploration and telescopes.


Think that you might be a space whiz? Take our test and find out.