From Unit Plan: Ideas for Teaching Creative Poetry

I Spy Super Challenger by Jean Marzollo.
This book is used as the basis for our lesson on I Spy poetry.

I Spy School Days by Jean Marzollo.
This book gives students a lot of good ideas for creating their own pictures.

I Spy Mystery by Jean Marzollo.
This book gives wonderful examples of how to construct a riddle so it does not give away too much, while still enticing the reader to read.

I Spy Extreme Challenger! by Jean Marzollo.
The children enjoy this book because it really challenges them. The pictures are intricate, great for students who enjoy brainteasers. Students who are easily frustrated might find this very difficult.

Check your school library for the following title.

Sing A Song of Popcorn
Nine Caldecott artists illustrate this poetry anthology. The book shows examples of all types of poems from haikus to couplets to free verse. There's something for every child in this one.