Children usually like being outdoors, so I'm glad we give them at least a half-hour outside each day. It's wonderful watching them discover things that, as adults, we often take for granted, like last fall, when they "discovered" that tree changing colors and dropping acorns!

Our climber is good-the slide and fireman pole teach them about concepts like gravity, and the top deck gives them a different perspective on everything. Maybe as a science lesson we could let them drop things from up there like little Galileos.

Our bike path helps them-they learn about motion and speed and what happens when you go too fast around a corner. Just running and dodging teaches them body physics-how much time it takes to stop.

Do I enjoy being outside with the children? Maybe if I started a container garden, I'd be as inspired as the children. I bet some of the children would like to help.

We need more stuff outside for more choices. Magnifying glasses would be great. The children could really study bugs and leaves. And I'd love to have some little boxes for collecting rocks and such and some big cardboard boxes for buildings and tunnels-spatial relations is a big math concept. So much math and science can happen outside!