Student behavior problems and classroom disruptions are among a new teacher's most difficult challenges. The October New Teacher Survival Guide explains how you can turn around some of your toughest problems and keep the day running smoothly.

How to Turn Around Annoying Behavior Problems (Grades K–5)
Behavior problems leave all teachers feeling frustrated, but there are solutions. Take a look at these seven common but challenging classroom situations and discover effective strategies for dealing with them on-the-spot and in the long-term.

Five Persistent Behavior Problems and How to Handle Them (Grades 6–8)
If student behavior problems have you frustrated, rest assured that you are not the only new teacher who feels this way. Here's advice on quieting talkative students, avoiding power struggles, and redirecting overly demanding students.

Clip & Save Checklist: Assigning Homework
Homework is one of the best ways for students to practice new skills and reinforce what you taught during the school day. To make sure you're assigning homework that's worthwhile and well-designed, here are some dos and don'ts.  

Fit to Print: Substitute Information Sheet
Plan ahead for absences by completing this Substitute Teacher Information Sheet about your classroom routines, schedules, and students.

Classroom Activities: Quick Fillers
Every teacher needs these quick activities for keeping students productively engaged during transition times.   

"Been There, Done That" Tips & Ideas: Managing Disruptions
Experienced teachers give advice on how to stay on track despite the many interruptions that can disrupt the flow of your teaching day.

Bookshelf Bests:  Fall Fun and Halloween Thrills (Grades K–5)
Welcome the change of seasons and excitement of Halloween with these engaging stories about fall, spooky characters, and eerie happenings.

Bookshelf Bests:  Spooky and Mysterious Twists (Grades 6–8)
Go with the flow of Halloween month by featuring these suspenseful books in your classroom library or language arts curriculum.

Time Management Tip: How to Say "No" Sometimes
Many new teachers have trouble saying  "no" to coworkers, friends, or family members. Here are four ways to decline without feeling guilty.