Jem has always seen the numbers. They appear when she looks directly into a person's eyes, which is why she avoids looking at or talking to just about everyone. She never knew what the numbers meant until the day her mother died of a drug overdose. . . the same date as the number that Jem saw when she looked into her mother's eyes.

At fifteen, Jem is a nobody, an orphan and loner in foster care and special ed classes who is drifting through life. She hates to look at anyone because then she knows instantly the date they will die. As she slowly warms to the unexpected friendship of a hyperactive, smart-mouthed classmate named Spider, she starts to feel more connected to the world around her. . . until the day they cut school and take a trip into London. Waiting outside the line for the London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel that is a major tourist attraction, Jem notices that all the numbers are the same in the eyes of the people waiting in line: today's date.

Read Numbers by Rachel Ward to find out what happens at the London Eye and see if Jem can really predict the future.