Grade Fall Winter Spring
1     60 wcpm*
2 53 78 94
3 79 93 114
4 99 112 118
5 105 118 128


Procedure: Have students read orally for one minute from curriculum material at their grade level. Ask students to read in their normal manner, not overly fast or slow. Administer reading probes at least three times per year.

Scoring: Count number of words correctly in the one minute period. Include errors corrected in the one minute period.

* wcpm = words correct per minute.

Analysis and Interpretation: Students reading significantly below the stated norms (20 percent or more below norms) are at risk in reading decoding and/or fluency and should be considered for further assessment and diagnosis.

Adapted from: "Curriculum-based oral reading fluency forms for students in Grades 2 through 5," by J.E. Hasbrouck and G. Tindal (Teaching Exceptional Children, Spring, 1992).