Scott and Jamie were twin telepaths, but had no idea that they were also Gatekeepers.

They were twins, boys thrown away in a cardboard box, just days after they were born. They'd been raised in one foster home after another, because no one ever wanted them to stay for long. They were different. They never fit in anywhere. They made people uneasy, uncomfortable. By the time they were about nine, they'd figured it out. They could look into people's minds and see their thoughts. They could even control those thoughts, what people did and said and believed.

But their power didn't make Scott and Jamie superheroes, it made them freaks. Knowing what was going on inside the minds of everyone around them wasn't fun-it was ugly and scary. Gradually, they learned to tune out everyone but each other, and they swore they'd never use their power again. 

But that was five years ago. Before Ed and Leanne, before Don and Marcie, before Nevada and casino auditoriums and the Circus of the Mind, featuring the Telepathic Twins. It was before Nightrise, before the Nexus, before Scott was kidnapped and Jamie was on the run, accused of murder. It was before they knew they were two of the five Gatekeepers, the only people who could keep Earth safe from The Old Ones.

There are things waiting for Scott and Jamie that are far more dangerous and threatening than anything they have ever experienced. They must find each other and the other three Gatekeepers before it's too late, and the Earth is destroyed — again.