An 11-year-old poet, an overexcited Irish setter, a best friend with a nose for gossip, the neighborhood bully who looks like an angel, and a dog owner who needs a lot of money fast, and—presto, a newspaper for dogs, The Bow Wow News.

It had been Andi’s idea, but Bruce wasn’t interested till Jerry Gordon got him in trouble again. All the kids in the neighborhood knew what a creep Jerry was, but he could look so angelic when he wanted to. When adults were around, he had them all fooled. Even Bruce’s parents believed the lies Jerry told about the car accident he’d caused and blamed on Bruce. They didn’t even ask for Bruce’s side of the story, they were so angry. Now, Bruce had only one more chance to earn the money to pay Jerry’s dad for Red Rover, the Irish setter Jerry had abused. If he didn’t, Red would go back to Jerry. 

And so The Bow Wow News was born. Andi was the editor, her best friend Debbie was the columnist, Bruce was the photographer, and Tim was the publisher, because he knew all about computers, and could make The Bow Wow News look like a real paper. Tim decided they should charge fifty cents an issue, and three dollars for the summer. All the profits went to Bruce, until he had paid Mr. Gordon everything he owed for Red. 

The first issue sold out immediately. The lead story was about Bully Bernstein, a bulldog who ate dinner with his owners, right at the table in his own high chair. Just days later, Bruce was able to give Mr. Gordon a fifty dollar payment. 

But publishing a weekly newspaper isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when the staff wants it to look professional, with real news stories. There may be a lot of dogs in the neighborhood, and a lot of stories about them, but not everyone wants to see their name in print! 

So pay a quarter, and get a copy of The Bow Wow News, hot off the press, and see what has everyone talking—and barking!

This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, writer, library consultant, and booktalker extraordinaire!