Books for Teachers

Whales & Dolphins of New Zealand & Australia: An Identification Guide by Alan A. Baker

Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand  by Heather Barrie and Hugh Robertson

Four Generations of Maoridom: The Memoirs of a South Island Kaumatua by Syd Cormack and Joanna Orwin 

Classic New Zealand Adventures by J. Kennett, G. Carlyon, and M. O'Neill 

Keeping New Zealand Green by Ali P. Memon

Wild New Zealand by Les Molloy

Wild Fiordland: Discovering the Natural History of New Zealand's World Heritage Area by Neville Peat and Patrick Brian

Rough Guide to New Zealand by Rough Guides Staff, Viking Penguin

Maori: Art & Culture by D.C. Starzecka

Books for Students

Adventure in New Zealand by Cousteau Society Staff

Eco-Pack: The Remarkable Rainforest & the Incredible Coral Reef by Toni Albert

Why Are Animals Endangered? by Isaac Asimov

Endangered Animals of the Southern Continents by Jean-Christopher Balouet and Barabara J. Behm

Shark & Rays of New Zealand by Geoffery Cox and Malcolm Francis

Rainforest Wildlife by Antonia Cunningham

Earthquake by John Dudman

Volcano by John Dudman

Meeting the Whales: The Equinox Guide to Giants of the Deep by Erich Hoyt

New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud by Valerie Keyworth 

Extremely Weird Endangered Species by Sarah Lovett

Maori by Robert MacDonald

New Zealand in Pictures by Lerner Publications, Department of Geography Staff.

Saving Endangered Species: The New NOAHS by Elaine Pascoe

Glaciers by Lynne Patchett

Volcanoes & Earthquakes by Susanna Van Rose

Children of the World: New Zealand by Akinobu Yanagi

New Zealand Web Sites

General Information About New Zealand

New Zealand Handbook (Land, People, Economy and More) 

Capsule History of New Zealand 

Scott Yost's New Zealand Adventures


Internet Field Trip: The Mighty Volcano
Take a virtual field trip to the best sites about volcanoes and travel deep below the earth's surface where volcanoes form. Then check out some of the world's most spectacular volcanoes!

Volcanoes in the New Zealand Region

Rotorua (City in a Volcanic Crater)

White Island, New Zealand

Maori People

Maori Organization of New Zealand

The Maori (Brief History)

Gallery of Maori Carvings


Earthforce in the Crust: Understanding Earthquakes

Earthquake ABC: A Child's View of Earthquake Facts and Feelings

Earthquake Facts and Follies

Understanding Earthquakes

Plate Tectonics: The Cause of Earthquakes

The Basics of Plate Tectonics


Cool Facts About Glaciers

Fox Glacier


Photo-Journey Through a Costa Rican Rainforest

Costa Rican Rainforest Photo Gallery

Marine Mammals

Marine Animal Records: Biggest, Smallest, Fastest, Deepest

National Marine Mammal Laboratory

WhaleNet Student Resources

Whale Times (for younger kids)

Kaikoura: Watching Whales and Swimming With Dolphins

Unique Wildlife and Conservation of Endangered Species

Specific Animals

The Fabulous Kakapo

Paradise Lost: Extinction of the Kea, or Snow Parrot

General Information

Indigenous Species of New Zealand