WRITING/DRAMA Imaginary Conversations

Direct class attention to the last five paragraphs in “The Spring in Winter...,” beginning with: “I cooked supper, and then sat down by my little fire and called a forum.” Help students note that Sam is taking the roles of significant beings in his life, and in his imagination thinks about what they would say. On the chalkboard, record in play-script dialogue form the class's rewordings of the given text. Example:

Sam: What should I do about Matt Spell?
Dad: Go to the city and make sure Matt writes nothing about you.
Bando: No, it's all right. Spell doesn't know where you live.
Matt: I won't tell where you live if you promise me I can visit you.
Frightful: Don't let that Matt come up here!

After discussing with the class how imaginary conversations can help us examine different viewpoints, ask partners to choose another problem from Part III and explore it through dialogue. Examples: (1) Matt, Aaron, and Bando discuss why Sam should or shouldn't keep his mountain-top experience secret; (2) Sam and his parents discuss the pros and cons of Sam's living alone on the mountain. Invite partners to read their dialogue aloud to classmates.