What you need:
• egg
• markers
• felt or fabric scraps
• scissors
• glitter
• glue
• Barnaby's Bunny (optional)

Reading tips:
1. Barnaby's Bunny, by Wendy Rouillard, tells the story of a bear and his friends' experience learning about responsibility. If they can each care for a pet egg for the day, they will be able to get a class pet.

2. This book provides a good springboard for a discussion about responsibility. Alternatively, talk with your child about what it means to be responsible for something — such as a pet.

To extend the reading:
1. Help your child make a pet egg of his own, like the characters in the story. Even if your family has a pet, your child may enjoy the challenge of taking care of this unusual "creature."

2. Start by decorating the egg. (You might want to hardboil it first!) Your child can use markers, felt or fabric scraps, or even glitter.

3. Encourage your child to look after the egg for a full day. At the end of the day, talk about how it went — was it harder or easier than your child expected? Were there any surprises?

Learning benefits:
• increases awareness of responsibility
• encourages creativity