My Invisible Boyfriend video booktalk

Being single is the worst. You don't have anyone to hold hands with, to share your innermost thoughts with or to kiss. And you know what's even worse than being single? Being the only one in your group of friends who doesn't have a boyfriend, like Heidi.

At the first big party of the school year, all of her friends find cute boyfriends! So Heidi decides that she needs a boyfriend and there's only one solution. She must create one. She tells all her friends that while they were away over the summer break, she started dating a boy. She gives him the name Ed Hartley and tells her friends that he was only in town for the summer and lives far, far away.

Heidi creates a fake Ulife account, pretends to be Ed and starts chatting with her friends. Everything starts out great! But pretty soon, things get a little more... complicated.

While posing as Ed, Heidi discovers that her friends are having problems in their relationships. But why don't they talk to Heidi about it? Why do they only talk about it with her fake boyfriend? Now Heidi has to pretend that she doesn't know what's happening with her friends, even though she's the one giving them advice!

And then, just when she thinks her life couldn't get any crazier, a mysterious stranger starts emailing her. He knows Heidi's secret and tells her he wants to be her real-life boyfriend. Is he some weirdo, or somebody that she knows?

Read My Invisible Boyfriend by Susie Day to find out.