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Here are some new resource books I use to guide my curriculum design. From new ways to publish students' writing to understanding literary elements, these resources will be sure to give you new and creative ideas to spark students' interests.

The following books are available in the Teacher Store.

35 Ready to Go Ways to Publish Students' Research and Writing by Michael Gravois
This book has many fantastic ideas on how to publish your students' writing. They will definitely appreciate the choices you offer them to show evidence of their skills.

Awesome Hands-on Activities for Teaching Literary Elements by Susan Van Zile
I'm big on activities that incorporate my students' multiple intelligences, and this resource contains ten different activities that you can use to assess various literary elements.

80 Internet Mini-Scavenger Hunts by Michelle Robinette
As a laptop teacher, I use these mini-hunts to help my students develop proficiency in their ability to search the Web for research purposes. I even post some of these mini-hunts on my classroom homepage.

35 Must-Have Assessment & Record-Keeping Forms for Reading by Laura Robb
I love the reproducible checklists in this book! This book is a real time-saver, as it contains ready-to-go forms that help keep me on top of the progress of my students.