By Dulce Vazquez, 9
Scholastic Student Reporter

Dulce Vazquez talks with Senator Joe Lieberman at a campaign event in Concord, New Hampshire, in January. Click on the picture to read more about Dulce. (Photo by Suzanne Freeman)

By working for Scholastic News Online and NBC News, I learned that every question is important and that they all lead to important topics that everyone is interested in. I became more aware of what real journalists have to do for a living, and how much they have to be on their toes to get the information that they need. I also learned that you have to pay close attention to what people are saying to understand everything that is going on.

I noticed that working with important people was a lot more fun than I had expected. I got to ask Senator Joseph Lieberman a question at one of his many campaign events in New Hampshire. My group covered two different events. Senator Lieberman talked to us at each event and treated us with respect.

It was very cool to have this experience, and it was really exciting asking people questions and being noticed.

I learned that adults aren't the only people who are allowed to have spoken opinions. As kids, we are allowed to share our thoughts and to question the opinions and actions of others.

Working with Scholastic News Online and NBC News has helped me learn more about the presidential candidates, even a lot more than I would have by just watching them and hearing from them at school or at home.

I am very glad that I worked with this program, and that I was given such a great opportunity to do so.