Finally Sofia is back with her family, but they’ve moved to Boston, leaving her best friend Maureen behind in Brooklyn. Will the girls ever see each other again?

Sofia is finally at home with her family, living in an Italian neighborhood in Boston. But she hasn’t forgotten Maureen, who stayed in Brooklyn, or their promise to write to each other. And she’s grateful for the time Maureen spent teaching her English. It means that she can translate for her parents and she does well at school.

But living in America doesn’t mean that her family has become peaceful or quiet. Luca still makes trouble, even though he’s found a job as a shoeshine boy, and Gabriella doesn’t want to go to school because she speaks such little English that she’s in the same class with Sofia. She wants to quit school and get a job, even though her parents are totally against it. And Sofia wishes she could have a more exciting life like her sister and brother. Sometimes being the “good girl” isn’t fun. But she does love learning things, and she already knows that she wants to do something when she grows up that will make a difference, not just be a job.

Find out how a doll’s eyeball, homemade tortellini, a carrier pigeon, and a kind doctor all work together to help her find some of the answers she’s looking for and the determination to make her dreams come true.