Ms. Frizzle's Adventures: Ancient Egypt

Joanna Cole Needed…

Books — I read about forty of them before I even started to write.

To See Egypt — I went there and met the people. I even climbed into the Great Pyramid and lay down in the pharaoh's coffin to get the feel of it.

Time — to think, write, and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite! I write about twice as many jokes than ever make it into the final book.

Helpful Editors — to make suggestions — and an expert on Egypt to make sure every word is correct.

Bruce Degen — to paint the beautiful pictures so that the book won't be all words!

Bruce Degen Needed…

Books — Joanna gives me boxes and boxes — then I get some more.

To See the Real Art — I saw the great Egyptian collections at the Metropolitan and Brooklyn Museums in New York and at the British Museum in London.

Time — to learn all about the subject, to organize the pages. Sometimes I see things that Joanna doesn't. I thought we had room to show how ancient Egyptians made "paper" from papyrus plants. Nobody believed me until I sketched it out.

Helpful Editors —- who make many suggestions (including when Joanna should stop revising).

Joanna Cole — Without whom there would be no book!